BT Flood in Paddington Exchange

Below is a history based on the most recent 3 updates we have received:

BT last night, advised they expected the water to have been completely
pumped out from the exchange by approximately 00:00 with power being
restored to the exchange in logical phases, the coupling of the
generators is estimated to have been completed by 00:30 as the
preparatory work for this activity has been conducted in parallel to
the pumping activity. Power will be restored to the individual area's
in priority order with blue light services being the initial focus.

BT, at 06:30 today confirmed they have started restoring power with the
majority of traffic still remaining down, the site is being restored in
a pre-planned methodical pattern with priority blue light services
identified earlier as main focus.

BT as of 09:00 today, advised that 57 of the affected 60 racks have
power restored and are in the process of restoring the remaining 3 with
an expected completion time of 1 hour.  BT also advised that although
power will be restored this will not guarantee service restoration as
kit and configuration will need to be checked after power up.  BT has
also confirmed that all possible re-routes have been completed.  Any
circuits remaining that have not been rerouted are not able to be.

This issue has affected:

- All PSTN lines terminating at Paddington and some nearby exchanges.
- All IP Stream ADSL circuits terminating at Paddington.
- IP Stream ASDL circuits at other exchanges nationwide, where the ATM
backhaul path is to Paddington.
- Around 35000 ADSL Datastream customers nationwide due to
multiple backhaul circuits having been affected.

We will provide further updates as we receive them.