Blackberry and Mobile Phone setup

Almost all mobile devices, including the 'Blackberry' share the same basic functionality of enabling you to collect your email from our servers.

Essentially, your mobile device is acting as a mail client in exactly the same way as your office email software (Outlook, Pegasus Mail etc.).  You will need to tell the device certain information in order to enable it to go and fetch your mail.

Please read the documentation that came with your mobile device and any accompanying information from your mobile service provider.

  • You will need to tell the device to collect email from the server:
  • You will also need to enter your username and password associated with the mailbox on our system. 
  • Most importantly, you may only send email out from your mobile device via the outgoing mail server provided by your mobile service provider - as an example, if you have a contract with Vodafone, the outgoing mail server is for T-Mobile it's
    NOTE: Apparently the iPhone on o2 requires you to use: port: 465 (not 25) authentication is required as follows: and password.  (The authentication details are the same as you use to access the O2 online billing system.)

PLEASE refer to your mobile service provider if you have problems setting up your mobile device or Blackberry

Most commonly you will want to use your mobile device to collect email and send replies, however, it may be safer to only collect copies of emails sent to you in order to prevent accidental loss.