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BT have fully broken all of our incoming voice lines.

As we are finalising the move to our new offices, and as BT now say that they are unable to port the number via our new exchange, we need to make a decision on whether to keep the old number 0114 258 5550 - which we've used for 23 years, or get a new number.

This is not the first time BT have badly let us down in this respect.

Until a decvision has been made, please use the Contact Us page if you have any issues.

DNS Database - 21st September 2015

We identified an iaaue with our main DNS Database server on Saturday night.  A migration to an alternative, dedicated server took place yesterday afternoon.

The replacement serve had a slightly different configuration (for the techies, it had a smaller /var partition), and this led to a number of issues.  We became aware of dropped queries to the main public facing DNS servers at 08.35 this morning.

We have now altered the configuration and all is back to normal.

Please accept our apologies for the Monday morning inconvenience.

Web Hosting Backup Schedule

With immediate effect, we have improved the schedule for shared hosting offsite data backups as follows:

  • All MySQL Databases are backed up daily. 
    We keep daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups of all shared hosting MySQL Databases both locally and offsite. 
  • vSites on DC1 and DC2 are backed-up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
    All tarballs of backups are kept locally and offsite and are subject to retention of 6 months*.
  • vSites on DC3, Bunker and SNAC are backed-up daily.
    All tarballs of backups are kept locally and offsite and are subject to retention of 12 months*.
  • All backups run between 02.00 and 07.00hrs.
  • Backup images and tarballs are FULL, not differential or incremental.

* In reality, we store backups indefinitely on archive drives, however it is not possible to access or verify the integrity this data easily, as they're locked away offsite and offline.

Please note: This schedule applies to shared Unix/Linux/BSD hosting platform and fully managed servers only.  Co-lo, racks and datacages are not our responsibility :-)


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